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"Dedication is defined as the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. It is synonymous with Zeze de Moura. I admire his utmost dedication, patience and knowledge. His programs are one of the best I've enrolled my kids in. It is well organized and tailored for kids to learn tennis the best way possible. I highly recommend Z Junior Tennis Academy".

—  Jeannete Eason, Houston TX. Mom of 13 and 10 years old boys

"Zeze's program is: Fun and engaging environment​, all-round approach to tennis instruction

My Kids have they participated in Zeze's programs two weeks in summer camp and  two semesters in the school year

I had two of my kids enrolled in Coach Zeze's tennis camp both during the school year and over the summer, and they LOVED it!! The coaches were amazing.  They kept the kids engaged, created a fun environment, while emphasizing excellent technique. I loved that they also provided education on all things tennis- major tournaments, difference in surfaces, as well as equipment management and handling.  I highly recommend Coach Zeze and his team to anyone interested in a fun and holistic junior tennis program in Houston".

                                                               —  Onyi Onwafor. Houston, TX. Mom of 12 and 10 years old

Lillyiya Kades, whose 7-year-old daughter Margot will participate in her second year of summer camp in June, has tried several junior programs at different clubs.


“Zeze is amazing with kids, very patient,” Kades said. “He makes a game out of it, not just giving boring instructions. And the facilities are great. I take my computer with me and work while I am waiting.”

—  Lillyiya Kades. Houston TX. Mom of a 7 years old daughter.

Diana Khera has three children in the program — son Shiv, 4, and daughters Nadia, 6, and Dalia, 7. (2012)


“Zeze and all the coaches are great,” Khera said. “They give such positive reinforcement to the kids and make them feel so comfortable.”

—  Diana Khera. Houston TX. Mom of a 19, 17, 16 years old tennis players.

Our daughter has been taking tennis lessons with Zeze for years and we all adore him! He is a wonderful and caring coach and is a consummate professional. Zeze has been able to foster our daughter’s growth in tennis without ever raising his voice or being negative. His wife Liliana handles all the scheduling and billing and she is so lovely. We love Z Junior Tennis Academy!

                                                    —  Leslie Viswanathan. Houston, TX. Mom of 12 years old daughter.

"I’ve taken lessons with Coach Zeze for over a year, and my 8 year old son started lessons with him in September. He is the best! Whatever level you’re playing at now, he can work with you. I was starting at the very beginning, and I can’t believe how well I can play now. He makes it so fun and accessible for anyone."

- Kimberly Pinckney. Houston, TX.

"He is an excellent Tennis Teacher. My daughters (Melissa and Milena) had their first classes with Zeze in 1998. Just two little girls. Today they are 30 and 33 years old respectively and continue playing it . We are from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Congratulations Zeze !"

—  Katia Nahas

Great coach, we love him!!! Excellent technique!!!

                                                    — Cezar Illiescu. Houston, TX. Dad of 11 years old son.


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